Copy of Contact

Terms of Conditions?

Online booking?

1. Completion of a booking form does not constitute a binding contract until payment is received and a booking confirmation number or receipt has been issued?

2. Tickets may be transferred to other persons, but all payments are non-refundable.?

3. The organiser is responsible for payment; no refunds will be given if numbers reduce after the sim has been booked.?

4. The organiser is responsible for picking and paying of the correct Sim.?

5. The organiser is responsible to ensure the Simulator booked is suitable for participants.?

6. Interest will be charged on overdue amounts in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.?

7. If using their own equipment, all players/users are responsible for their equipment and it’s suitability for it to be used in the Simulator. A height restriction applies of 2.8 meters for any swing or arc.?

8. If you are unsure about any person’s suitability due to weight or height please contact Sports Sim for clarification in good time before the event.?


1. Bookings and tickets are transferable at the discretion of SPORTS SIM but where the event is prevented, frustrated or delayed due to force majeure (including but not limited to riot, strikes, natural catastrophe, power failure, fire or accident to plant or machinery) or any other cause beyond its control, the liability of SPORTS SIM shall be limited to re-scheduling the event at a future date convenient to all parties. Delays caused by accidents will not be refunded or re-scheduled.?

2. SPORTS SIM will not be under any liability whatsoever for direct losses, loss of profits, indirect losses or consequential losses of any type and the maximum liability shall in all cases be limited to the total amount of money received or receivable for the event.?

3. Notwithstanding the generality of the above, please note that all SPORTS SIM events are live events and may start late or overrun due to unforeseen delays. Any quoted “Start Time” or “End Time” is a pre-event estimate, for guidance only.




1. SPORTS SIM places great importance on the safety of its visitors and endeavours to ensure that the high standards set by the company are complied with by all those in the Centre. We are only prepared to allow entry to the Centre to those visitors who are willing to comply with the Centre Regulations set out below.?

2. All persons entering are admitted subject to the following Centre Regulations. Any person (or group) who does not comply with these Regulations may be removed from the Centre by either SPORTS SIM Personnel or Police Officers. This is without prejudice to any claim that SPORTS SIM may have against such a person or persons arising out of their actions. Whilst on our premises, all visitors must comply with any instructions given to them by Centre Personnel or Police Officers.?

3. WE reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse admission to the Centre, ban from entry to the Centre, remove from the Centre, or cancel the membership of, without right to refund, any person or entire group who have behaved in or in the vicinity of the Centre in a manner which, in the reasonable opinion of SPORTS SIM has, or is likely to affect the safety and enjoyment of other visitors or staff; uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace.?

4. All persons entering the Centre must either have paid to use the simulator for that time, the friends or family of that person who are spectating or enquiring as to the equipment or its use / operation. SPORTS SIM has the right to ask any person who does not appear to have a valid reason to be in the Centre to leave immediately.?

5. No child or children under the age of 14 will be admitted to the Centre unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult, who shall be 18 years or over and such child or children whilst on site must remain under the control or supervision of that adult at all times.?

6. Pets or animals of any nature are expressly prohibited in the Centre (except for guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs).?

7. To prevent offensive weapons or dangerous articles from being taken into the Centre, visitors are admitted to the Centre subject to a condition that, if requested to do so, they will allow themselves and/or their belongings to be searched. It is prohibited to bring into the Centre any weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles or other articles, which may cause injury.?

8. Any person found to be in possession of an article deemed to be offensive or dangerous will be immediately escorted from the premises without the right to refund and be open to prosecution.?

9. The entire group with whom the individual at point 8 is a member may also, at the Centre Manager’s discretion, be denied entry or escorted from the premises without the right to any refund.?

10. Intoxicating liquor may not be taken into the centre. Any person considered to be intoxicated in the opinion of sports sim staff, will be asked to leave immediately and no refund shall be given.?

11. Food may not be taken into the centre unless previously approved and discussed with Sports Sim management.?

12. Hot and cold drinks may not be taken into the centre?

13. SPORTS SIM will provide adequate refuge points for disposal of empty packets etc. but it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the simulator is left as it is found, clear of debris, clean and tidy.?

14. Sports Sim does not accept any liability for consequential loss as a result of rescheduling a session(s) or the unavailability of any or all simulators.?

15. All centre equipment and facilities must only be used in accordance with the centre staff instructions and rules as published from time to time.?

16. The climbing of or standing upon barriers, walls, safety fences and Centre displays or exhibits is strictly prohibited. SPORTS SIM reserves the right to prosecute any person found damaging or defacing any or any part of the grounds, fences, barriers, walls, structures, exhibits, fabrics or buildings.?

17. Only persons authorised by Sports Sim are permitted to sell or offer for sale any items to visitors within the curtilage of the Centre.?

18. SPORTS SIM accepts no responsibility for parking charges applied to vehicles parked for longer than the 1hr duration outside the centre?

19. SPORTS SIM accepts no responsibility for any loss and/or damage however arising whilst on our premises (including that which might arise as result of any breach of contract) including any distress, inconvenience or anxiety caused during the course of any session undertaken and/or during evacuation from such a session in the event of breakdown or fire or security precaution.?

20. In the event of failing to attend the Centre for a booking in a timely manner the Centre Personnel will make reasonable attempts to allocate the person or group to the next available session with spaces. In the event that no such places exist that day the booking shall lapse and no refund shall be payable.?

21. From time to time SPORTS SIM or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording at the Centre which may feature visitors. By accepting these Regulations, you agree that SPORTS SIM or any authorised party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with SPORTS SIM or such authorised party (as the case may be).?

22. SPORTS SIM takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings brought into the Centre.?

23. The simulators are not suitable for everybody due the force and strength of motion as well as accessibility of the simulators and the website and in centre signage makes clear some of the medical conditions that make use of the simulators inadvisable. Such signage is not exhaustive and indicative only. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that they are confident that they are able to use the simulators safely and that they know of no or could not reasonably have known of any existing medical conditions that would make use of the simulators a risk to their health or wellbeing.?

These Regulations are for the benefit of all visitors and will be strictly enforced.

Privacy Addendum

We may use third-party service providers such as TripAdvisor to process your personal information on our behalf. For example, we may share some information about you with these third parties so that they can contact you directly by email (for example: to obtain post visit reviews about your experience).