Foot Golf


The perfect foot golf simulator is just one of several interactive sports available on the sports simulator.

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Foot Golf allows players to kick real footballs, on real golf courses, within their own chosen golf courses, enabling contests can be easily run for both fun and competition purposes, with results displayed on the leader board.

?Foot Golf is great fun to play, with the drives and shots over 200 yards, given a power launch, so that firm kicks can fly down the fairway with ease.

Chipping is represented by medium kicks and putting with gentle kicks, so that anyone can play and enjoy the game, the skill is kicking straight shots with the correct kicking power.


Sports Sim Foot Golf Devils Garden

Devils Garden

Sports Sim Foot Golf Pine Springs

Pine Springs

Sports Sim Foot Golf Sharjah


Sports Sim Foot Golf Spruce Plains

Spruce Plains

Sports Sim Foot Golf Manoir Richelieu

Manoir Richelieu

Here is just a few samples of the numerous Foot Golf holes we have for you to play.